Product support

Product support

Together, we shall select equipment which will meet all the required criteria

Handling equipment

Rialex Crane Systems advisers will help you select high quality and cost-effective equipment (cranes, belt conveyors and spiral conveyors, etc.). Thanks to the excellent knowledge of the handling equipment market, we will advise you on selecting equipment which will correspond to its intended purpose in an optimal manner, while at the same time, combine simplicity and functionality. One of the key criteria which we pursue when selecting equipment is the possibility of its effective maintenance - providing you with a feeling of security.

track subgrades

We will suggest selecting optimal crane subgrades as well as propose appropriate bridge rail installation systems. Should you wish to modernise or repair your old subgrades, we will be glad to provide you with professional support. Should they require replacement – we shall suggest new and modern solutions.

You may present to us your expectations and budget allocated to the investment, and we shall develop cost estimates and quotes, to find the most advantageous solution.

Steel structures

For instance, if you plan to erect a trestle bridge for cranes to move along, our construction engineers will advise you what type of structure to select, and help you develop a relevant design. Rialex specialists will analyse in detail the development possibilities of a specified premise, and develop relevant expert opinions, so that you can be certain that the structure selected may be safely operated for many years.

Power supply and automation

Our advisers will help you select a power supply system which will allow for energy savings and make it possible to avoid excessive costs. Automatic control engineers will also suggest an optimal control system which will ensure the high quality of the manufacturing process. We will suggest innovative solutions to ensure effective equipment operation.

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