Elektrociepłownia Kraków SA

Design, delivery and installation of a new drive for reverse carburisation conveyors.

Fabryka Łożysk Tocznych Kraśnik SA

Modernisation of the control system for three overhead travelling cranes (replacement with a radio control system) in the years 2003-2004.

Zakłady Chemiczne Organika-Sarzyna SA

Design and delivery of a raw material feeding system supplying synthesis reactors.

Zakłady Magnezytowe Ropczyce SA

Repair of an overhead travelling crane subgrade and production and installation of the crane anti-collision system in 2003.

Zakłady Płyt Pilśniowych SA

Modernisation of a crane running track involving disassembly of the old rails and delivery and installation of the new rails with the use of SEMS Rialex, as well as the execution of the land-survey measurements.

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