20.05.2009 Wampfler

A visit to Conductix Wampfler, with whom we have been partners for 15 years, was of a business and partnership-based nature. The aim of the visit was to discuss the process of Wampfler product sales on the Polish market. The visit was to the company headquarters located in Germany. These annual meetings are aimed at providing more details regarding interest in Wampfler products on the Polish market, and to compare them to competitive products, with respect to technology and price. Thanks to the possibility to observe products, we were also able to discuss such issues as technical solutions based on our own, as well as our customers’ suggestions, while also reviewing advisory and consulting services. We believe that our cooperation with Wampfler and these meetings, based on a mutual exchange of experience, will continue to result in effective sales of Wampfler products and customer satisfaction.

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