Trash rack cleaning machines

Trash rake cleaning machines have been designed in order to support operation of both small water power facilities (MINI compact models) and large flow, tank and pump water plants (MIDI and MAXI models).

They may be configured depending on an investor’s requirements and equipped with other additional devices. Owing to the solutions, you may obtain highly specialist and multi-functional machines. The basic scope of a cleaning machine operation includes removal of solid contamination from surface water intake grates and transporting the same to a dumping place. This scope may be extended by removal of oversized contamination (by providing the cleaning machine with a hydraulic davit) and operation of log stop valves (by providing the cleaning machines with hoisting winch with a transverse beam).

Owing to the high quality of execution, optimum work intensity group and selection of components from among leading manufacturers of hoisting and hauling equipment in Europe, we can guarantee reliable operation of our cleaning machines in very unfavourable climate conditions (a large range of ambient temperature and high degree of air humidity).

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