Maxi multi-functional cleaning machine


A CWMX multi-functional cleaning machine has been equipped with a specialist hydraulic arm, which, depending on a gripping device installed, may be used for:

  • cleaning standard contamination from inlet grates (installation of a hydraulic scraper),
  • cleaning non-standard and oversized contamination from inlet grates as found on the water surface or immersed (a forceps gripping device),
  • removal of bulk material from the canal bottom (double-bucket gripping device).

The arm was installed on a rotating tower, which ensures large and optimum operating field. The cleaning machine may be additionally equipped with a transverse beam for operation of log stop valves. The machine has three control modes: manual, semi-automatic and wholly automatic.

Maxi multi-functional cleaning machine





Lifting capacity under the transverse beam up to 40t
Transverse beam lifting height up to 80m
Hoisting winch lifting speed up to 10m/min
Work intensity group max. A4 acc to PN-ISO
Span up to 10000mm
Scraper lifting capacity up to 10t
Scraper lifting height up to 50m
Scraper lifting speed up to 15 m/min
Scraper lowering speed up to 15 m/min
Hydraulic davit lifting capacity up to 10t
Cleaning machine driving speed up to 20 m/min
Control type cassette/radio/cabin


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