SIBRE brakes

Siegerland - Bremsen, known as Sibre in the sector, is a renowned industrial brakes manufacturer with a 50-year-long tradition. Its own research laboratory enables Sibre specialists to continually improve their equipment and extend their offer. Sibre brakes are currently used in container cranes, wind power plants and elevators, and the company has achieved the position of a leading braking system supplier in the world.



As a result of many years of cooperation with Sibre, we have become its exclusive representative in Poland. We shall be glad to help you to select the appropriate brakes and provide you with reliable back-end services. Our specialists will make every effort to provide you with professional and comprehensive assistance.


  • Disk brakes
    • USB type; transmission or safety brakes used in, for instance, container cranes, belt conveyors and loaders
    • TEXU type; transmission or safety brakes used in, for instance, container cranes, belt conveyors and loaders
    • SHD type; stopping or blocking brakes in fans and turbines
  • Shoe brakes
    • SHI type; brakes for cable drums and belt conveyors
    • ABT, ABS and FSB types - directional and impeller brakes used in wind power plants
    • CB and SK types; compact  transmission brakes, e.g. gear transmissions and belt conveyors
  • Disk brake clutches and disks
  • Drum brakes
    • E and SBH, universal brakes used in the machine-building industry,  metallurgy, in overhead cranes and belt conveyors
  • Drum brake clutches, drums and enclosures
  • Rail tongs
    • RPS, RHI, holding down or braking for overhead cranes of various wheel and rail dimensions
  • Road wheels manufactured in accordance with DIN, customer technical documentation and our own designs
  • Electrohydraulic accessories
    • ELDRO releases
    • ELHY releases
    • Electrohydraulic generators mating with SHI disk brakes and RHI and RPS brakes
SIBRE brakes

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