Frequency converters

The experts of Rialex Crane Systems responsible for electric drives have had access to the top quality devices manufactured by our partners – Emotron, Vacon, Siemens – leading frequency converter manufacturers for a long time. Thanks to that, we can optimally select converters for the modern crane drives.

We offer standard, proven solutions. We also undertake orders requiring application of converters in non-standard equipment. Then, we develop an individual design and handle the implementation.

Supported by long-term experience, the ability to select appropriate devices is a factor deciding on the success of our designs. We are bound to find a solution which will fully satisfy you.

Please feel welcome to get acquainted with our offer.


Scope of applications of the frequency converters in the modern crane drives

Direct torque control

Advantages and benefits:

  • possible use of the existing slip-ring motor
  • quick torque reaction
  • precise torque adjustment at low frequencies (full load torque at zero speed, without feedback)
  • speed dynamic precisions
  • possible activation of the so-called 'backing' function
  • possible activation of the torque reduction function (so-called 'hoisting winch-crane drive forcing')
  • 230 V AC as converter control voltage, via
  • crane interface

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