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A wide selection of various types of bridge rails and fixing accessories guarantees that our professionals will handle the installation of any subgrade. In this area, Rialex Crane Systems designers can pride themselves on particular achievements – they designed and implemented the SEMS Rialex Flexible Rail Installation System, an innovative solution enjoying a great market respect.

Further projects, which were executed, provided our engineers with invaluable experience enabling us to professionally select the solution that will prove best at your plant. A wide range of rails and necessary accessories results in both standard and innovative solutions at your disposal.

The system developed by our engineers gained in a short period of time a significant popularity, thus reinforcing Rialex Crane Systems position on the Polish crane market. SEMS Rialex will enable you to avoid all the inconveniences related to rail rigid fixing, allowing for a longer operation of the subgrade and greatly improving the crane operation comfort.

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