Rialex SEMS concrete subgrades

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In order to eliminate faults associated with the traditional, rigid rail fixing to a concrete subgrade, Rialex Crane Systems implemented its own SEMS Rialex flexible rail installation system which is a solution alternative to the foreign proposals.

The system consists in the application of special clamp caps ensuring fixing dependability while maintaining the possibility of lateral rail location control, and of flexible local washers mounted under the rail foot. The washers absorb the dynamic oscillations, vibrations and noise, and transfer a favourable load distribution onto the structure.

The caps, made of steel of an increased strength, are cast in matrices, which to a great extent enhances the parameters of the product durability. Innovativeness of our solution as well as a very good quality of the materials used in production of SEMS enables the construction of high quality subgrades designed for various loads and working load groups. Useful life of those subgrades is much longer than in the case of traditional subgrades.

SEMS elements:

CLAMP made of three parts:

  • of the base (item 2) featuring a screw socket (item 2a) and welded to the sheet (item 1) fixed onto the concrete subgrade;
  • of a clamp (item 5) moving around the base and featuring a flexible nose fixed in a socket (item 5a), holding down and fixing the rail on the subgrade;
  • of a high resistance T-bolt (item 3) with a washer and a nut (item 6, 7) joining the base to the clamp;
  • of a flexible washer (item 4);   
Disadvantages of the traditional rigid rail fixing: Advantages of SEMS Rialex:
  • excessive wheel wear and tear,
  • excessive rail head wear and tear,
  • loosening of the fixing screws,
  • track misalignment,
  • rail cracks on interfaces.   
  • uniform and axial load distribution under the rail;
  • strong noise and dynamic oscillation absorption;
  • favourable local loads distribution
  • ability to join rails without contact;
  • increasing the crane operation comfort from the cabin thanks to the strong noise and vibration absorption;
  • increasing the rail road wheel and crane mechanism durability through eliminating the dynamic influence of rail interfaces, which is particularly important to cranes provided with the electronic systems.
  • ability to rectify the subgrade without welding works as well as expedite and effective rail span adjustment




Rialex SEMS concrete subgrades

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