Steel subgrades


Thanks to a long-term experience in installing the steel subgrades, Rialex Crane Systems engineers professionally select the proven and modern rail installation systems. Access to the diversified offer of Valente enables us an optimal selection of the solutions and installation of all types of the crane subgrades. We are pleased to inform you that we are the exclusive representative of Valente in Poland.



An incorrectly selected fixing system may entail painful financial consequences and result in serious problems, such us:

  • manufacturing process slowdown or stoppage
  • excessive or unequal rail wear and tear
  • damage to the mechanical elements
  • damage to the load bearing base
  • damage to the fixing systems.

Valex fixing systems are the result of over 80 years of experience and specialist knowledge of Valente Spa engineers. The extremely diversified offer makes it possible to find an optimal solution to any problem.


Basic system features: flexible rail fixing (with or without the washer); the system consists of two matching elements which allow for a simple rail lateral adjustment; two clamp elements connected with a screw; the elastomer nose increases the tolerance between the rail and the load bearing structure, increases tension on the connecting elements, and allows for a better rail fixing.

Steel subgrades

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