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Single-girder crane with rope hoist

An SPJ type crane with a lifting capacity of up to 16 tonnes and a span of up to 36 metres is an ideal solution in various industrial applications. This device enjoys great popularity due to its exceptionally long service life and operational safety. In addition, the crane can be equipped with an electric rope or chain hoist.

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M-type slewing workshop column jib crane

The popular M-type radial column jib crane with a 360° rotation range is an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor work. Its compact design allows you to reach the maximum lifting height, even in low and tight rooms. The optional electric rotation drive increases the comfort of operation with larger lifting capacities and longer crane arms.

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ATHLO type electric chain hoist

The modern SWF electric chain hoist with a lifting capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes is a guarantee of safety and reliability. Its long service life and simplicity of maintenance make it an excellent choice. Modern design goes hand in hand with smooth movement and ease of use, guaranteeing the highest performance in any environment.

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Foundry crane for the smelting industry

Design, delivery, installation and commissioning of a specialised crane with a lifting capacity of 150/40/25 tonnes. The crane is designed to work in conditions that are specific for the smelting industry, such as high temperature and dust.

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Automatic cranes, transport and storage

The automated system of handling large-size sheet metal coils with cranes in full automation. Innovative technology, with elements of artificial intelligence, helps manage logistics and warehousing.

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Cranes for the offshore power industry

Comprehensive hoisting equipment for the new production hall for offshore wind turbine foundations. Double-girder overhead travelling cranes with lifting capacities of 160, 150, 80 and 20 tonnes carry large steel structure components.

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Automatic cranes for DAR STAL Dariusz Zaława

Design, delivery and installation of an advanced crane system in which two automatic cranes are responsible for the handling and storage of steel sheet coils

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Automatic cranes for BAKS Kazimierz Sielski

Design, construction, delivery and installation of specialised column cranes. The cranes operate a high storage warehouse, are fully automated and integrated with the warehouse management software.


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Automatic cranes for BGH Edelstahl GmbH

Concept, design and commissioning of overhead travelling column cranes with a lifting capacity of 3.5 and 10 tonnes. The devices work inside a fully automated roller warehouse.

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