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Product consulting

Let us help you make a smart investment!

Equipment is not everything!

The purchase of handling equipment involves the need to make a series of decisions. They do not only concern the type of equipment and its technical parameters. You should also pay attention to development conditions, possibilities of adaptation to changing technological processes, and deadlines for implementation.

And all of this must:

  • fit into your budget,
  • be economical, also during later operation,
  • be easy to service.

Rialex experts will guide you through the challenging process of decisions within the purchase. From the selection of the equipment and its infrastructure, to the preparation of cost estimates, to the presentation of the investment implementation plan.


Rialex advisers will:

  • help you make the decision: buy or modernise?,
  • choose the right equipment to handle your processes,
  • plan the appropriate infrastructure (crane runways, type of structure, power and control systems),
  • perform analyses, expert opinions and prepare appropriate documentation.

Individual design

Commission the design and construction of your crane to our group of enthusiasts!

Individual design of your equipment

Do our ready-made Rialex products not fully meet your requirements?

The Rialex design team will tackle any lifting and handling challenge. Regardless of whether you need a powerful gantry crane, production hall equipment, or a small jib crane to operate a single small workstation.

An individual project starts with the identification of requirements, through consultations and advice, to the preparation of the perfect solution for the given conditions.

We design solutions for the broadly understood smelting industry including the machinery, construction, mining and a wide range of other sectors.


Improve the quality of your equipment and increase safety! Tailor your devices to your current business profile!

Make changes and improvements to existing machines to increase their performance, safety, functionality and compliance with current standards.


Modernise instead of buying!

What will you gain by entrusting your modernisation to Rialex?
You will:

  • adapt your equipment to modern technology and currently applicable standards,
  • adjust your devices to your current type of business,
  • reduce the amount of unexpected downtime,
  • improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption,
  • provide your staff with enhanced safety conditions,
  • give other tasks to the people currently handling your equipment,
  • improve the maintenance of your devices.

Scope of modernisation

After conducting a thorough analysis, identifying the areas for improvement and selecting appropriate technical solutions, we can propose such activities as:

  • replacing or improving components such as: drives, control systems, sensors, etc.,
  • increasing the degree of automation of selected processes by replacing or modernising automation and control systems,
  • integrating systems by combining devices into comprehensive systems that support production, assembly and storage processes,
  • energy optimisation by introducing changes to reduce energy consumption and the negative impact of machines on the environment,
  • increasing safety by installing protection systems,
  • adapting to new requirements: standards, regulations, quality standards or customer requirements.

Calculation of service life

Monitor the safety and efficiency of your equipment!

Do you know the service life of the equipment you use?

We are able to calculate the remaining service life* of the equipment used by our customers, such as:

  • gantry cranes,
  • hoists and winches,
  • jib cranes.

* Service life is defined by using limit parameters in order to assess and identify the technical condition, determined on the basis of the number of operating cycles and the load condition in the assumed period of use, taking into account the operating conditions of the equipment.


Entrust the installation to professionals to safely set up your equipment!

Installation of the delivered equipment

Our thoroughly prepared Rialex team can quickly and professionally:

  • deliver the equipment to the installation site,
  • prepare the equipment for installation and secure additional lifting equipment and test loads,
  • install the equipment together with power supply systems,
  • commission the equipment, make appropriate measurements and carry out post-installation tests.

Acceptance test by the Office of Technical Inspection

Approval of newly installed equipment requires registration with the Office of Technical Inspection. We can support you in this process by:

  • preparing the equipment for testing,
  • preparing appropriate technical documentation necessary to register the device with the Office of Technical Inspection,
  • participating in the acceptance test.


Personnel training

We will train your staff in operation and maintenance to ensure the optimal and safe operation of the equipment.

Service centre

Don’t waste time on tasks that an experienced company can do for you!

Rialex maintenance services

  • maintenance of the equipment,
  • ongoing repairs and renovations,
  • special inspections.

Rialex 24/7 service centre

If you have a problem, don’t delay! Call us 24/7 at: +48 604 449 764

Do you need help with your order?
Together we will find the best solution for your business!
Do you need help with your order?
Together we will find the best solution for your business!
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